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1. Busting Lottery Myths
2. The Truth About Probability
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The Top Lottery Myths Busted

Here are six of the top lottery myths believed by most people well and truly busted!

Read on to discover the fake beliefs that may be holding you back from getting a big lotto win.

Myth 1.

When you play the lottery you are more likely to be killed by a lightning strike than winning.

Although this may be true of some lotteries for the vast majority of them it is not. For instance in a 1997 article in Public Gaming International magazine Iowa Lottery Commissioner Dr. Ed Stanek (his doctorate is in physics) debunked this belief successfully.

In the USA in 1996 ninety-one unfortunate people were struck by lightning and died as a result. However, 1,136 people became million dollar lottery winners and 4,520 won $100,000 or more in a variety of American lotteries.

This does not even take into account the many, many thousands of other players who won significant prizes of over ten thousand dollars.

Lottery Myth Busted

Myth 2.

The lottery is just a form of tax.

This is a silly myth.

Some people believe that the lottery is just a tax on the poor. This is just not the case.

Let us make a distinction between the lottery and tax.

First of all, paying taxes is not a choice. It is compulsory. You must pay tax to the government or you will pay back with time incarcerated.

Playing the lottery, on the other hand, is a matter of personal choice. You do not have to play or pay.

What’s more when you pay taxes you have no chance of becoming a millionaire.

Lottery Myth Busted

Myth 3.

Lotteries target poor people who can’t afford to play.

No company targets their product to people who can’t afford to buy it!

People from all walks of life and with differing financial statuses play and win the lottery. It just so happens that people with very little tend to believe that the only way to get ahead financially is through a lottery win – therefore the lottery is attractive to more poor people.

Lottery Myth Busted

Myth 4.

The only people who get any benefit from playing the lottery are those lucky people who win big!

Busting this myth is easy. However this myth is so strongly ingrained in the public psyche that most people wouldn’t even view the evidence that it is a myth and will always consider it to be “simply the truth”.

For example it is not just the winners who benefit from the lottery. All the big lotteries have some kind of charity donation scheme. In the UK, the National Lottery, also sponsors many ventures and new business start-ups as well as music, television and movie projects.

The people who sell you your lottery ticket also get a piece of the pie through commission payments.

Lotteries create jobs. Many different types of jobs are created because of the lottery even ones that may not be apparent at first glance. Advertisers get paid for lottery advertisements which helps create and sustain employment.

Buying a lottery ticket and watching to see if your numbers are drawn is also an enjoyable experience for many people and it is certainly worth the small investment it costs.

Lottery Myth Busted

Myth 5.

The lottery promotes compulsive gambling and is responsible for creating more gamblers.

If you have ever had any involvement with some who gambles frequently more than they should then you will know that they have certain addictive personality traits. Almost all addictions have their foundations in mental, emotional and physical causes.

Surveys have shown that gambling addiction is not affected by the presence or the absence of the lottery. Very few compulsive gamblers are satisfied with lottery gambles and seek much more immediate and larger scale bets.
Lottery Myth Busted

Myth 5.

The Lottery is a Game of Chance
This is the most devastating myth of them all because it keeps players using the same unsuccessfully strategies that keep them from winning.

The lottery is not a game of chance. The lottery is a game of probabilities.

When you know how to use probabilities you will know how to beat the lottery!

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