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As If Winning $1 Million on Missouri Lotto Wasn’t Enough!

In the small city of Bonne Terre in St. Francois County, Missouri, USA many of the 6854 residents believe that lightening never strikes twice. After all we all believe that, don’t we? However, those same residents are well aware that the lottery can, and does, strike twice.

In fact the residents know for a fact that a huge lottery win can happen more than once to the same person.

How do they know this?

Well, a Missouri man who had moved to the small city after he claimed his first $1 million win on the lottery had barely left enough time for the win to “sink in” before he went and did it again.

Ernest Pullen, a 57 year old resident of Bonne Terre, was the first Missouri Lottery player to win over $1 million, playing games created by the State lottery, more than once. Not only did he win twice but he did it in a three month period, astonishing everyone.

After his initial million dollar win Ernest again hit an amazing streak of good fortune by doubling his initial lottery luck – this time netting a £2 million dollar top prize.

Although not a native to Bonne Terre Ernest had relocated there from Pevely shortly after his first lotto triumph so he could enjoy his new good fortunes and wealth. But Ernest knew his luck hadn’t run out just yet.

After having had a prophet dream some six years before his first win Mr. Pullen was convinced he would win a large lottery prize. However, even after winning over $1 million on the lotto he did not feel that his dream had yet materialised.

After winning another $2 million on a ticket he purchased at Miller’s Quick Shop, on Francois Road in Bonne Terre, Ernest now believes his dream is a reality – at least not fully. It wasn’t until he netted his second large win that Ernest believed his dream had come true.

Having decided not to take the annual payments Ernest Pullen will receive $1.3 million in winnings before paying tax.

What does he plan to do with his new found wealth?

Well according to Mr. Pullen his house needs a new seawall as a defence against the lake that is close by the spot where it was built. So this is the only purchase he plans to make as of this time.

According to Pullen his wife claims that she will be the winner next time. This statement is something that has many other lottery players suspicious about Pullen’s lotto strategy.

Are the Pullen’s really planning another win? Do they have a lottery strategy that will guarantee it? Do they know something that the rest of us do not?

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