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Courting Fortune

Many people accept that when they play the lottery they must cross their fingers and hope for the best because it’s all about luck. Even the British lottery has two crossed fingers as its symbol.

However, some individuals appreciate that the lottery is not about luck but is actually about probabilities.

When just fortune is used in any game there is very little you can do to enhance your luck. Nevertheless, when you enter a game of probabilities there’s plenty you can do to increase the probability that you’ll win!

You are almost surely similar to almost all other people.

Most people, like you, don’t have time to analyse why this is the case or even how to utilize it to their gain.

However you should realize that it was simply a matter of time before someone found a way to use mathematics to enhance the probability of them winning the lotto to such an extent that winning becomes almost certain.

If someone could create a winning lotto method then without doubt they would utilize it to win many times. This is precisely what occurred.

After Prof. Blair, a mathematics professor, created his lotto technique he went on to win 5 times.

However, his awesome breakthrough also meant his life was in danger.

Larry Blair unblurred

Larry Blair - math genius

After perfecting his mathematical formula Larry found that he could regularly pick winning lotto numbers and win prizes, both big and small.

Larry devised a plan to learn how to win the lottery and soon he had refined his system to such a degree that he won a big prize in the lotto three times in a row.

What would you buy?

Daydreaming is not enough!

This attracted the interest of greedy kidnappers!

Although almost all kidnappers instantly demand cash that is not what Larry Blair’s kidnappers demanded.

They fully understood that anyone who won the lottery five times and could win it 3 times in sequence had to have a system for playing and they wanted to know what it was!

Five Lotto Wins & A Bullet Later

Although Blair did get away from the two assailants who wanted his system (and without giving it to them) he did take a bullet in the leg for his trouble.

Larry claims that his 5 time wins of the lottery are purely due to the use of his lottery system.

You may think that Larry is very fortunate to have won the lottery so many times.

However, when it comes to being lucky at the lottery Prof. Blair simply says that it is funny that the more he uses his system the luckier he gets!

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