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Texas Holds ‘Em

Does Texas hold the luckiest person in the world? It seems that when it comes to lottery winners it does.

Lone Star State

Texas has a lot of lotto luck

Joan Ginther would appear to be extremely lucky having netted four big lotto wins in the space of a matter of years. Since 1993 to present day the 60-something has won on the lottery four times. Each win was worth more than $1,000,000.

Her latest win was for £10,000,000 giving her a combined total winnings of $20,400,000. How lucky is that?

Not only is her 4 streak win amazing but the fact that all her wins have been in the Texas lottery and two of her wins were from tickets bought at the same store is mind blowing.

It seems that the small town of Bishop, Ginther’s town of birth, is extremely lucky for her. It is while visiting her father, only occasionally, that Joan seems to hit her lucky streak as she does not live there.

Due to its seemingly “lucky”status the store where Ginther buys her tickets now attracts buyers from across the State. 1,000 lotto tickets are sold every day to people wishing to emulate Ginther’s amazing luck.

However Joan Ginther may be relying on a little more than pure luck to supply her amazing lottery wins.

It all began for Joan some 19 years ago when she landed her first win of $5.4 million. She collects her last cheque this year after taking a 19 year annual payment payout.

The rest of Joan’s wins all came from scratch card tickets beginning in 2006. Then she again won in 2008 bringing her combined winnings up to $10.4 million.

Amazing Luck

She took her 2 scratch wins as lump sum payments netting her $5,000,000.

Her “final” win netted her approximately $7.5 million after taxes as a lump sum payout.

1  Septillion Grains of Sand

There are 1 septillion grains of sand on Earth

From the outside it appears that Joan Ginther is indeed one of the luckiest women on the planet.

However, with 18 septillion to 1 against landing 4 lottery jackpot wins makes her amazingly lucky streak look so ridiculously unlikely that many statisticians and lottery players began wondering if indeed Ginther’s wins were due to luck at all.

To put that staggering number into perspective view the image to the right of this text!

What raised even more eyebrows was the fact that Ginther requested minimal publicity after her wins and tried desperately to evade media attention. It seems she wanted to stay well below the radar of the news media as much as possible so she didn’t have to explain her “luck”.

After some digging by media moguls it was found that Ginther currently lives in Las Vegas, where it is guessed by some that perhaps she plies her amazing good fortune in other “luck-related” games.

More digging into Ginther’s life revealed that she is a Stanford Statics Professor. What are the odds of such luck – a mathematical statistics professor being “lucky” 4 times in a game based on mathematical probabilities?

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