Here are the stories of 2 of the most unfortunate lottery winners in history.

Duck That Truck

Way back in January of 2004 Indiana man Carl Atwood was going about his normal business in Elwood while a lottery game was being played that would net him a $73,450 prize.

At 73 you would be forgiven for thinking that Carl had enjoyed most of his life already. Sadly, he had used up all his allotted time on earth. Just 2 hours after his lotto win unfortunate Carl was struck by a passing truck on his way to the very store that sold him his winning lottery ticket.

According to Elwood Police Chief, Toby R. Barker, it was an unfortunate accident that occurred due to zero lightening on a sharp curve in the road compounded by Mr. Atwood’s almost invisibility – due to wearing dark and un-reflective clothing.

The Man Who Won a Fortune, Got Sued & Dies

Even further back in time, this time the years was 1998, a huge Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot was won by William Post, better known to his friends as “Bud”.

Although Bud won a staggering $16.2 million he now lives off social security having gone totally broke. He claims the lottery ruined his life as his “dream win” turn into a terrible nightmare.

He wished it had never happened.

Mr. Post even experienced some jail time when he discharged a weapon over the head of a debt collector looking money. Within a year of his win, Bud was not only broke but was also 1 million dollars in debt.

It all started when his former girlfriend successfully sued him for a share of the pot.

Then his brother was arrested after hiring a hitman to kill him in the hope of getting something in his will.

More family members came out of the woodwork and hounded him for money until h eventually agreed to invest in their business ventures.

A failed a car business and a restaurant in Sarasota, Fla., was enough to add more trouble to his failing health and heart problems. He continued to live on welfare and food stamps for the remaining years of his life until he eventually died of respiratory failure.